Daily Prompt: The Social Network

by imsuperalice

I personally love the social network. It’s true that at first i started using it because of my friends and my social groups. But day after day, i become addicted to it that even if none of my friends are using, i would still continue using it. I love taking photos so I really love to post pictures on Instagram. I love reading news, both hard news and gossip, so that’s why i really really love twitter. Without twitter, it would be really hard for me to keep track with my favorite idols and singers or be updated about events happening around me. I am also kind of addicting to Facebook, but it is getting boring now since we have all new applications such as instagram and twitter. These applications are taking place in my heart instead of facebook. More and more strangers are trying to get in contact with us on Facebook so I feel like it’s not so private anymore. I mean, of course social network is where you meet people, but for me, I have no desire in talking to random strangers…I find it creepy and weird. So my answer is that i am addicted to social network because i love it not only because my friends and my family are using it. To be honest, i actually prefer my family out of the social network lol… It’s really awkward having them knowing my thoughts… Most teenagers would agree with me haha