Daily Prompt: Stranger

by imsuperalice

Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

Yes… and it was a creepy one.

That one day I went to Siam Center with my best friend, Pimploy. She was my best buddy of five years when I was in my old school. That day we shopped not in the Siam Center building but in the street around the building. Some areas were packed with people and some were not. And when I was enjoying my day shopping and wandering around. My friend noticed that two strangers were following us. They looked like they were 20 or so. We tried to walk in different direction to observe, and they followed us still. One of them wore a HOT PINK shirt. I mean it. But that made it easier for us to look at them and avoid them. We got off from them eventually. For me, it was seriously creepy. You just want to enjoy the day but then got stalked. This world is crazy……