Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation

by imsuperalice

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

My opinion is a little bit of a yes. It is true that no matter who they are and what they are doing, if their arts are good, then they are good. No matter what the artists are doing and what are their preferences about politics and what-so-ever, I will still appreciate their art just as it is. But another topic is, to spend money on it? I hardly make myself spend money on something that I believe is worthless. If the art is good then I would buy it. But I am not sure if I will still be doing the same or have the same opinion toward the art piece if I know that the artists will use my money on a bad or illegal stuffs, and even if I know that they have bad attitudes or are bad people. Of course I do not like bad people. I may appreciate their arts, but I will not support them publicly that is it. I may like it inside of my head, but I will just keep it to myself. It doesn’t only limit to art and artists. This rule of myself applies to everything in my life. No matter how much I like something, if I know that the person who made it is a bad person, I will not support that person publicly, because they deserve what they did and they were the one who destroy their very own reputations.