Daily Prompt: Evasive Action

by imsuperalice

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?
My most significant secret i’be ever kept is…………………. Of course i am not writing it here. Isn’t it obvious? Lol i usually keep my secret to myself, examples are secret about my crush or about things i did wrong. And at the end, the truth usually came out.. If it is a secret of others, then it’s usually safe with me. I do not tell my friend’s secret to others, at least not on purpose. But if it is a secret about myself, i usually can’t keep it. It is not because i can not keep it, but i feel better for some reason if i share my secret with someone else. After i share that secret of mine, i can always ask for advices from that friend i told my secret to. And i also feel like there is a person who will understand me. So it is kind of a relief. I hate keeping secrets from others unless it is other’s secret and they ask me to keep it as it is. That is just a thing about my self. I think if we discuss it out then it will be better. So in the conclusion, i can keep secrets in most of the situation but unluckily, if it is a secret about my very own self, i wouldn’t be able to keep it at all because i would seek for advices from friends and family.