Daily Prompt: Fill In The Blank

by imsuperalice

Three people walk into a bar . . .

Three people walk into a bar.

It is really crowded since it is late saturday night. Three guys go in and sit at the table next to the drink bar. Mr.A spots a hot girl sitting at the drink bar. He excuses himself and go over to that girl.

May I buy you a drink? he asks.

The girl replies shyly to the guy, yes, of course.

They exchange conversations happily while another who guys looking at them jealously.

We should do something, they think.

Mr.B go over to the bar and snatches the girl’s wrist.

Shall we dance? he asks.

Yes, of course. The girl replies. 

They dance to the music on the dance floor happily while the other two watching jealously.

I should do something. The last guy thinks.

He goes over on the dance floor and snatches the girl’s wrist.

Let’s go out and have some fun, he says

Yes, of course. The girl replies.

They run out of the bar as fast as possible while other two guys watching after them jealously.

They run and run and run. After few minutes, they reach the hotel. Then suddenly, the girl transforms into some sort of devil.

I am a devil of jealousy, because you are so jealous of your friends and are very selfish, I shall kill you now and take your spirit to the underworld with me.

Mr.C looks at her fearfully but it is too late. The devil sucks his soul in just a second and he is completely gone without any trace.