Daily Prompt: The Interview

by imsuperalice

Interview your favorite fictional character.

Okay, my favorite fictional character is Harry Potter hehehehhehehehehehhehehe *super long creepy laugh sound effect*

First I will give you some reasons why I love Harry Potter.

1) He looks really handsome in movie version.

2) He is brave.

3) He has a lot of skills and magic powers.

4) I love the books and the story lines.

If I am to interview Harry Potter, These are questions that I will ask.

1) Why don’t you fall in love with Hermione, instead of Ron’s sister, because I think Hermione is both smart and a kindhearted girl. She is also beautiful. And I like her so I am kind of biased so hehe nevermind me.

2) What is your saddest moment in life?

I believe his answer will be when he knows they truth between his parents and Snape. I hated Snape for many years until when I read to that part in the last book. Seriously I was shocked and that sad feeling… Snape is such a good person, unexpectedly good.

And another sad moment in his life probably when Dumbledore passed away. It was such a dramatic scene in both movie and book version. It is unbelievable that a person who has a lot of power like Dumbledore will eventually passed away.

3) ………. I can’t think of anymore question lol.